The Aegis Approach

Aegis utilizes the core principles of Integrated Pest Management to develop and implement a unique treatment plan that identifies, solves, and prevents pest problems in your home, whether existing or potential.

The core principles on which Aegis develops and implements your unique treatment and prevention plan are:

  • Prevention – Aegis’ approach to all of its customers is to first work to prevent an infestation — whether it is from bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents or other household pests — to help you take steps to prevent infestations before they can take hold.
  • Inspection – Aegis’ approach also includes regular inspections, further insuring early detection of infestations and helping to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of remediation.
  • Strategy – Not all pest problems are the same. A cookie cutter approach can often lead to ineffective treatment and lingering problems. Aegis develops and implements a treatment strategy unique to your needs that will address your specific situation by identifying pests and where they live, their access points, and their food sources. We develop a plan of action suited to your needs and environment.
  • Implementation – Aegis will implement an aggressive, targeted control and management strategy that utilizes products and tools that are appropriate to your unique situation. Your targeted strategy maximizes effectiveness and reduces costs.
  • Evaluation – Aegis continuously evaluates these steps, making adjustments when necessary to ensure your unique pest management strategy is effective.

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