Bed Bug Barrier Program

It’s virtually impossible to prevent bed bugs from entering your home.

Did you know that Chicago consistently ranks in the top 5 for bed bug
infestations? If you live in a multi-residential property in Chicago, there is
always a chance that you may have to deal with bed bugs.

Bed bugs can hitchhike home with you while riding the CTA, taking a cab, a hotel stay, visiting the movie theater, restaurants, and more! Bed bugs can crawl up to 100 feet in a night, which causes a constant threat in multi-
residential living spaces.

Now you can do something about it!

  • A non-toxic, quarterly treatment (applied every 90 days) that creates a targeted barrier that can kill bed bugs before turning into a full-blown infestation
  • Provides 90 days of protection and comes with a full guarantee

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